Friday, July 25, 2008

blog ~FUN~ & my mom

So, as you can tell I've been having lots and lots of fun doing new things with my blog. I don't know why I'm obsessed with it lately, but as I look at all these *pretty* blogs of my friends, I want mine to look pretty too! So I've spent a few hours checking out different things to do with my blog! I really hope the time I put into my 'dirty little secret' (uh... my blog... duh!) is worth it and your enjoying reading it! I love to feel famous and hope people are reading reading reading! LOL

So, anyway, it's been still a little busy on the home front. But, my mom is here! And this post is all about my mom. I love her! I can't imagine not having her first and foremost as mom. But more than that I can't imagine not having her as my best friend! If I go one day with out talking to her, I'm lost! Even if it's just to hear her voice, then my day is all better and I can sleep well at night. She's here and let me just tell you, I feel all better. I was having a few OVER WHELMING days of lost hope... 5 kids and I thought I may lose it before the summer is over, but mom came to save the day! Anyway, mom if you read this I love you for being the best mom ever, the grammy my kids totally deserve and also my best friend! Thanks for all you do and for all your going to do!!!

And as for my beautiful baby girl- she rolled over (from tummy to back) and is SO BIG! She's growing more and more every day. As my mom has not seen her since she was born she was surprised at how big she actually is! She just wants to be a big girl and I just want to keep her little forever.

Another note- Jason bought me a bike! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am intending to use it to get back to shape and get my baby fat all gone... so I'll keep you updated, but too bad I really like my own baking... UGH! The battle has begun:)


Rachel said...

How nice to have your mom with you to help out a little! Mom's are FABULOUS. I don't know what I would without mine.

Congrats on your new bike and might I add you look great! I WISH I had your figure. Ahh the good ol' days (for me that is)

Can't believe your little cutie is rolling over. I'm pretty sure these last babies are all in a hurry to keep up with their siblings.

As per Photoshop. I WISH I had CS3 and the totally rad actions I so ♥ those actions. You basically have the 2 things I am drooling over and want! Too bad we can't share. I'll split the cost with you! LOL

I have la' sad elements 6.0 and you can't use the totally rad actions with those. Oh well someday my CS3 ship will come in.

You blog looks cute by the way I almost forgot that in all my wordy-ness.


rberry at eoni dot com

Angela said...

What a wonderful blog about your mom! What a great picture of her and Karley! Please send her my best and let her now I would LOVE to hear from her! Enjoy your bike........I ride mine almost everyday and absolutely love it! ;o) Enjoy the time with your mom!