Tuesday, July 8, 2008

in a nutshell

So, I haven't posted in FOREVER I think... so here is a little update on our crazy lives lately...

She finished school and was super excited for summer to start!

This is her and her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Hustak. Alyssa received an award for being the best listener and always thinking things through.
Alyssa on her last day of school- she got a webkinz snake and was SO happy:)

This is Alyssa and the principal of her school. She really enjoyed Mrs. Horch as her chapel teacher and wanted a picture to remember her by because Mrs. H is retired now!

The first weekend of summer began with an awesome visit with our friends from the Calgary area. Alyssa and Cyerra went to school in kindergarden together and have been buds since then! They're bond in never ending. Alyssa has been blessed and lucky enough to visit Calgary 2X now to hang out with Cyerra and her family!

Cyerra and Alyssa enjoyed a bubble bath with a whole bottle of bubbles! Silly girls.
Here is the most adorable post card alyssa sent to us from calgary while she was there. It made me smile as big as I possibly could!
The 3 boys, Karley and I travelled to Lethbridge on saturday to pick Alyssa up from her visit with Cyerra and made it home sunday in time to pack her up to head to bible camp! She was super excited to be back at Whispering Pines this summer.

He's glad summer is here and has been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! The first wednesday through saturday was spent at a hockey camp. Mason was so tired in the evening and so sore from working so hard. Of course I forgot my camera each morning- as we had to be up and out the door at 7am- which I haven't done in ages. It was so hard for me to have all the boys and karley loaded and gone. Whoa! This week mason is at a pirate camp:) He seems to be enjoying it tons!

Mason on his last day of school!

Mason and I really enjoyed Mrs. Clark for his 1st grade year! She is such an awesome teacher with so much understanding and patience!

Mason, Jameson and Connor

The boys, Karley and I had some fun the first couple days after alyssa left for her trip to Calgary! A freind was camping out at the lake and we went for a visit and played on the beach and hung out at their camp site for a few hours! On canada day we went fishing which was super fun and had a fish BBQ at our place with a camp fire and fire work in celebration of Canada day at our house!

They carried buckets and buckets of water from the lake up onto the beach to make rivers! It was LOTS of work!
Jameson loved playing on their river! He was in heaven with all the water!

Daddy came to join us at the camp ground!
Think Mason LOVED the smores?
Connor and one of his MANY girlfriends Brooke!
Karley sucking her fingers!
Jameson at the camp site!

Karley's first fishing trip
Handsome fisherman
Concentrating on fishing
Awesome fishing hat:)

The one true fisherman out of all the kids! HE LOVES IT

Jameson, our little pyro, LOVED the fireworks the most!
My awesome awesome friends sherri and I!
Connor enjoying the show!
Jason did a GREAT job!!!!

Kalrey- our 3 month old Harley girl!! (she loves her mommy's kisses)

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Stella said...

Your children are gorgeous!

I remember those busy days back when my kids were younger. I never had more than 4 here at a time though! It's so hectic, but so fun.

Enjoy them, and keep making memories. :)