Thursday, June 26, 2008

caught... brown mouthed

What was my first clue? The brown around his entire mouth?

Or was it the aroma of yummy chocolate floating through the air in his room?

Maybe it was the guilty look across his face?

Nevertheless he is so BUSTED! For what we may ask? It's simply not a mystery after seeing his face. He enjoyed a HUGE chocolate bunny in his bedroom while he was in time out for peeing on the neighbor kid... Oh goodness.... little boys. Where would all of us moms be with out them? I'll just say one thing. Connor is so lucky I am a scrapbooker!! This page will be getting done right away!


Anonymous said...


Yeah, the guilty look with the hopes of, "if I look really cute, maybe mom won't be quite so mad."


(I really love your blog, by the way. I'm glad you found me and then I found you. Loved your post about being your father. I am too - and I'm also the middle kid!).

Angela said...

I love it! What a face!

Rachel said...

Hey it's me! Long time no talk. Okay I'm going to do a little catch up here....
I love this post it reminds me so much of my second son Parker. He's always sneaking snacks of one kind or another. Great pictures too.

And you scrapbook pages turned out great I love them. I am having a scrap getaway on the 10-12th I'm so excited to get a little scrapping done.

Your baby is getting so big. LOVE THAT HAIR BOW! She's a cutie!
Oh and enjoy your new camera. I need to get to know mine better.

Phew sorry to be so windy I'll talk to you later.

:) Rachel