Tuesday, June 24, 2008

love love LOVE it!

After a choking incident last night with my darling 5 year old I needed some total scrapbook therapy while watching Canadian Idol (yes, all you americans- we too have our own Idol up here & I like it a lot lot lot better then American Idol). I LOVE the 29th street Market by My Minds Eye and along with my fabulous pics from my awesome camera I created this cool layout for Connor's album. My only issue? How do I get a pic of it so that you don't see my floor surrounding it? Also- a HUGE thank you to my friend Diana for the pick me up e-mail after yesterday's post.. I needed it! ;)

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anncowels said...

Alexa and all the Appell's esp.Jason,
Wonderful pictures and blessed family. Don't know how you do both do it with 5 children. She cooks, scrap books and takes pictures...truly awesome! Miss you and hope to see you soon.
Love, Ann Cowels, Tony and the boys
From California