Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday fun

Jameson's 5th birthday was so awesome! He had an absolute blast. That morning we woke and Jason stuck his brand new Hot Wheels bike on the front step. Jameson was so excited as he opened the front door. It was so cute. All day he was excited to head to the Medicine Hat Lodge for a fun night of watersliding. The kids were on the slides that night until 10pm and then it took them a whole 5 minutes to fall asleep. The next morning was super fun because we had breakfast at the hotel and went watersliding for another couple of hours! Jameson and I had a little conversation that morning, it went something like this:

Jameson: "Mom, I'm Five!!"
Mom: "Yes you are! How does it feel to be five?"
Jameson: "Good."
Mom: "your so old now."
Jameson: "I don't want to get old like you."

Of course I started laughing.... I guess it's official, Im old.

Sunday afternoon we has the most WONDERFUL surprise at our house!! Auntie Angie (my fabulous sis in law) and Uncle Chad showed up here and their bikes. Angie decided to surprise me and come for my baby shower (which is today). IT was the most brilliant surprise, and I had NO IDEA she was coming. I had told her once if she showed up on my door step one day, I'd start crying.... we'll I didn't go that far because Chad showed up wearing his old ski-doo helmet that's purple with white snowflakes on it... so what do I do- the scrapbooker? Of course I grab my camera and run out for lots of pictures! LOL Anyway, she's been here since saturday and we've been having the most awesome time! And what a great surprise!

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