Friday, June 13, 2008

It is me... my father

I am the unperfectly perfectly unperfect mom/girl that sometimes is so overloaded with random thoughts that it just gets to me... but then something snaps me into reality and I realize that I am just me and thats the way that I am. I am irrational and I am up and I am down, but the fact is that I wear my heart on my sleve and I am really a good person. I love people and I only want them to love me back. I am unperfect and I am all over the board, but I enjoy who I am. I actually like the person who I have become today. And then I think... I am my dad... I have become my FATHER!

Proud is what I am to be just like him. My dad too wears his heart on his sleeve and loves his family and his friends with his whole being. I love my dad for teaching me to be the girl that I am. When I look in the mirror I see my dad and I smile. I actually have grown to crave a long conversation with my dad, to smile with him, to laugh at him, to need his acceptance in my life. My dad is my hero and all that I am (or am not) today I chalk up to him (and my fabulous mom). Thanks dad for making me the simply puzzling person that I am today! I love you:)

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Angela said...


What an endearing blog you wrote about your Dad! I am sure he is so proud of you and all you have become! PS.......I think you look like your mom! ;o)