Monday, June 23, 2008

Terrible 5's?!?!

Nobody ever warned me going into motherhood that there was such thing as a terrible five's. I always knew there was the terrible twos and the terrible threes, but what about the fives? Today he is more grumpy then EVER! Someone rescue me from a case of the grumpies. Okay... just thinking- maybe it's not the terrible fives... MAYBE just maybe it's a middle child syndrome? I know for a fact I suffer from this problem, and jameson is stuck right in the middle. I'm so tired of the "NO NO NO" word and the "I hate mommy" and the pounding on the doors throwing all of the toys in this house. Anyone else at their wits end with a five year old???

**disclaimer- I never said that my blog would always be the happy go lucky stories! We're living here and with living comes the down side too! My children are buggers! Some days life seems bigger then me:)**

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Anonymous said...

Five is a rough age. Thankfully we have just a few more weeks of it but six is looking sassy.