Thursday, October 9, 2008

**Celebrating ME!!**

Who doesn't love a day meant just for them (and probably about 50,000 + other people) But just for today I'm thinking about me, and being 27!!

I love birthday's! And I really love mine. Mostly because I love to receive presents... how selfish? No matter what the present is, I love to get them! To me, it means someone was out shopping and thinking about ONLY me when they bought it! Ahhh... birthdays! Too bad they only come once a year.
So being 27, I'm planning on throwing myself a HUGE HUGE HUGE 30th birthday bash in 3 years... and I'm already planning it! So, this year we'll keep it low key and then in 3 years it'll be HUGE!!
And because I love the day being JUST FOR ME I'm going to do a little shopping for *ME* today! I'm going to go buy myself a new Chi Flat Iron because I just HAVE To have one and I'm getting it on my special all about me day!

Oh ya, and on that note- if anyone is super awesome at making cakes, please make me the cake at the top of the page, isn't it BEAUTIFUL?? Cheers to me today! :)


Colin said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I would have made you that cake, but I don't have enough time now ;)

Rachel said...

Oh Happy Birthday! 27.... Those were the good ol' days... And can't wait to hear about the 30th birthday in 3 years! Sounds like it's going to be a rocking good time.
And I love my Chi flat iron! Enjoy yours.

DraperM said...

Happy birthday Alexa. Hope you have a wonderful day. Maybe in 3 years I can come up to Canada for your 30th! That would be tons of fun. Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sandy. said...

Happy Happy Birthday Alexa!

Sandy. (Remember me?)

Pinktulip said...

Happy Birthday, Alexa! A bit late, but better late than never. Hope you had a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog. I sent your swap parcel off on October 14 and you should have it latest next week. Let me know when you get it. Hope you like your goodies from Africa! Regards Loraine