Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~love & loss

Sweetest Kayleigh went to be with Jesus last night. I know many of you who follow my blog have been praying for this miracle baby. Sadly after a scheduled surgery Kayleigh went brain dead and has now joined so many of our loved ones in a place we can not even begin to imagine. Would you please pray for Kayleighs parents Adam & Amy, along with her siblings Allyson & Brandon as they move onto a whole new part in this journey we call life? Don't they look so wonderful? Only their 2nd family picture with beautiful Kayleigh and them together as a family:
We had a death in our family yesterday.... Our beloved Guinea Pig Patched died. I was so sad, but on top of that I was sad for Alyssa because it's the first time I've had to break the news of one of her pets dying. So last night we had a funeral for our beloved Patches. We brought the other Guinea Pig Thor out to attend.
Alyssa packed up lots of little things to put in the box with Patches.
We opend the box and said our good-byes
Alyssa kissed sweet patches and shed some tears.
We filled the hole. Daddy is going to weld a plate to attach the the boarder of the flower bed that says PATCHES with crosses on them.
Daddy, Thor, Alyssa, Karley and I said a prayer for ptaches. Well daddy and Alyssa did. Alyssa`s was very sweet and something about Patches being in Heaven. Daddy`s went something like `Dear God, I know that there is a Doggy Heaven and we hope that there is a Guinea Pig Heaven, but if there`s not can you please let Patches in dog Heaven with all of the really little dogs. Amen`


Julie said...

Ugh...I'm so sad for your daughter. It's so sweet that you let her have that moment. I did the same thing for one of our Cockatiels. They are a huge part of our families. Thanks for sharing.

joelandbecca said...

Oh this is my first time hearing about Kayleigh's passing. Ow, my heart. Her sweet family. Happy for her, but sad for the pain of her family.

So cute, I am sure there is a guinea pig heaven too! What a lesson to have to teach your kids.

Yarngoddess said...

Awww, so sad about your "piggy pigs" it's never easy to loose them. They look so loved.

Blessings to Kayleigh's family as well.