Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~never ever a dull moment

When you live in our house it's never dull. Just ask anyone who has come to stay more than a few moments. If I'm not freaking out cause my kids are driving me crazy and my house looks like a tornado went off in it, then we have this guy:
Who I might add is the funniest guy ever! Just look at the time he was imitating my soon to be nephew with a home made guitar. Ya this is his "guitar hero" pose! Isn't is lovely? Might I just add that I was 99% asleep when he pulled this one and I almost peed my pants laughing so hard when I saw this! Wow.... Anyway- The other night Jason, the father of this house, went a little over board on supper- cooked a LITTLE much... And then we had a little 5almost6yearold sobbing 5 minutes before supper time because he was starving (but yet he never ate all his lunch or snacks? what gives?). Jason loaded his plate with supper: fish, beans & rice. He gobbled it up, then asked for 'more of everything.' He had helping #2, and then asked for 'more rice please.' Jason took his plate and served him. This is what he came back to the table with and set in front of 5almost6yearold's face:

By the look on this little boys face, what do you think he thought of that? Ha ha... was some good laughs that night!

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Yarngoddess said...

HAHAHAHA! That's the funniest and sweetest pic I've seen yet! Never a dull moment in big house holds- and one thing I've come to learn is this. There are 2kinds of "big" families- 1)ultra strict, like controll every little detail. and 2)silly, goofy, crazy house with lots and lots of fun and love and chaos! Wonder where you fit in there??? I'm in #2 and it's nice to see you are too!!!