Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Okay- so WORDFUL wednesday this week!!!

SO SO SO Much has been happening lately and I haven't taken the time to sit and write about it. So today- rainy day again, I'm going to write all about it! I've been a little off kilter lately, and I can't explain it. It's sort of like that song by Reba "Is there life out there?" I wonder what my purpose is and if being a mommy and a slave to my home is a "life"? I'm not sure. But then I look at my fabulous pictures and remember how God has blessed my life more then I could have ever imagined! Even when I get a little ancy and need some exotic trip and dream about taking it, I snap back to reality and realize that it's all still really good.

As you can SEE Miss Karley Mae is growing like crazy and I have this feeling I'm going to have a crawler on my hands sooner then later! She wants to get places! She slides all over the place now and even goes in circles on her belly. It's so adorable and a little sad at the same time. My last baby, isn't much of a baby baby anymore. Thank goodness I can still nurse her to sleep in my arms. I love those moments with her.
She started eating cereal after we got home from the states. She does pretty good with it. I'm still not ready for her to be eating full time cause it just makes my life more complicated, but nevertheless it's time to start! She's had rice cereal and carrots and then last night I mixed some formula in with the cereal- she actually seemed to like it:(

School has started! I was so releaved at first and now I'm a little sad. We never really had a "family" holiday over the summer, and that bums me out. I hope in the future we can make it a priority to at least get away, the 7 of us, for a weekend in the summer months. Nevertheless, they're gone! Alyssa is in Grade 3 and seems to be liking it. She is in a 3/4 split and was a little concerned about it. But I think it's going okay. I have such issue with little girls because they are so mean. She always comes home with some mean thing the older girls have said or done to her. Or even the other day she was riding bikes with a couple of girls who live up on the hill and she heard one of them say to the other one, "I don't like Alyssa, lets not play with her." When stuff like that happens my heart breaks for her. My wish is that she learns from others being mean to her and chooses to be nice to other little girls. I tell her to just play with the boys in her class. She really gets along awesome with this one little boy and I hope they can maintain their friendship. Mason is in grade 2 this year and it's such a fresh start! Kindergarden and grade 1 were such hard starts for him and it seemed like he was always in trouble from the start. But this year I think he has a new perspective and is loving being a little bit older! I'm really proud so far that no notes or calls from the teacher have been sent home and I pray none will be;) Jameson started Kindergarden this year. And I really thought I was okay with it. The first 2 days he went we're half days and it was mostly getting to know the class and teacher and school. Then the other night I was looking through some old pictures of 2.5 years ago when we went to disneyland- he was so LITTLE. And now... well.. you know- I started crying. He's such a big boy! Yesterday was his first full day of school. He loved it. He loves riding the bus and taking his lunch to school and everything. Funny little blurb-I was quizzing mason up when he got home from school to make sure he had a good day and Jameson pipes in how HE got a mark by his name at school for being too wild. I almost choked cause I was not expecting that on his first FULL day... the life of a mom with boys! Happy 34th birthday to Jason Sept.3. I cooked supper and Jameson, Connor, and I made him a yummy carrot cake, which I devoured and am 20 pounds heavier now. The whole time the kids and I were singing happy birthday to him he had this grin on his face... and I just knew he was up to no good. He piped in as everyone helped him blow out his candles, "do you guys want to see something funny??"

And this is what he did- Karley got to dig into his cake! It was funny and the kids about peed their pants laughing. I said it wont be so special when it's her birthday cause she'll have already tore apart a cake:)

Last but not least, we got out Hottub in! The day after it was in the 2 little boys, Karley, and I made a go of it and enjoyed having it! Now I can't wait till next summer when the new garage is finished and when the back yard is my own little sanctuary!


Now I have the itch to get out there and buy some fall decorations and get my house all decorated for the season.... soon enough I keep telling myself.

Oh- and any input would be great- I told my kids this year we were not buying costumes for Halloween, they have to make thiers. Any cute and fun ideas for homemade halloween costumes???


Rachel said...

Cute pictures! And little miss is getting so big! I always dreaded the cereal phase. I just don't like to sit there and feed the baby the same spoonfull over and over. Thanksgoodness Addison is now feeding herself. Enjoy your semi quiet time and I say get those decorations out. It's time.


Tracy P. said...

Oh my, you are keeping busy! Motherhood is an awesome journey indeed. But I can see what you mean--some days it seems there is not a lot to show for it. The pictures are gorgeous--I hope they help you as much as mine help me, to keep things in perspective. Adorable family you have, and they are so blessed to have you!