Monday, September 1, 2008

Rainy Day Monday

Today it was raining ALL DAY! And I thought that it would be a perfect day for the kids to go out and try their new umbrella's they got for this school year! They had lots of fun, but did get a little cold. And I got some pretty cute pics to try with photoshop- which I am still totally clueless at!
Tomorrow is the first day and I hope it is a wonderful day for all the kids! And Connor is off to get an absessed cavity filled- should be an exciting day!

Connor is our outside boy and had already been out a few times today to play in the rain (and mud).

Alyssa is still an amazing big sister and helps with Karley so much! She had a blast with her High School Musical Umbrella- which, by the way, is what she got for all of her school supplies!

Jameson, my gentle souled boy, was the only one who offered to share his umbrella with me while I was sitting out in the rain getting my awesome camera all wet! He is so thoughtful!!

Mason didn't know what to do in the rain! He really wanted to jump in this huge mud puddle that he created- I can't wait for the construction to be over!!!
Here's to 'back to school' happenings coming soon!


Rachel said...

Cute Pictures! Love the one were they are all lined up. Great job. Hope back to school goes smoothly and hope the dentist visit goes okay. Just thiking about going to a dentist makes my teeth hurt.


Stella said...

Sometimes rainy days can be great. I love your photos!

Nurse Stella says Conner must have an extra special treat after the dental work. :)