Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~the 2 C'S


It's been an absolute crazy few days and I thought I'd give a little peek as to what I've been up to for a bit!

Crafting.... I love to scrapbook, in fact that and photography (well my family too) is my passion in life! So needing to come up with a cute end of the year thank you teacher project I did this:

Paint cans that I scrapbooked and personalized and then filled with consumable summer goodies (I think teachers get enough teacher doo dads that if they're consumable it's better)! I filled them with sun screen, aloe vera gel, candy, gum, mints, nail polish- you know summer stuff! I made 2 for Connor's teachers, 2 for Jameson's teachers and 5 for Alyssa's teachers (ya my 3rd grader already has 5 teachers, WoW!!!). I now have 2 to go, one for the bus driver & 1 for Mason's teacher! Almost there!


I love a good deal on clothing, but I'm also a total lover of good quality and brand names... Thus the Pekkle brand from Costco- LOVE it! Each one of these sleepers cost me $8.50 and they are so stinking cute. I mean who's little girl would be too good to wear something so cheap? (and cute and made of GOOD quality!)

This one is my favorite! The owl in pink on the blue sleeper- she's gonna be stylin in this thing!

Karley has been wearing these sleepers since she was born and I would rate them right up there with Carters as far as quality and cuteness! I love em, so go get ya some! And price wise... WoW- the walmart brank for a sleeper is almost $12 for each one, so for $8.50- i'd say we're getting a steal!

On a personal note (wait this is my blog it's all personal and I can write whatever I want!) anyway, I have 3 photoshoots in the next week and I am so excited, so look for it, the cute sneak peeks that I will have!

And of course I end with a picture I took of the most beautiful blue eyed little princess, who I might add is the most spoiled lil thang you've ever met!!!


The Royal Family said...

those sleepers are adorable, so are the eyes on that little girl. stopping over from sits,

The buzz,
p.s. come enter my giveaway

monica said...

Love those teacher gifts. I might have to steal that idea for next year teachers! Stopping by from SITS!

Colin said...

I thought I was one of the C's

* ~ * Jocelyne * ~ * said...

Those gifts are great! You're so creative! You should really think about doing something with your creativity as a side business. :)