Monday, June 22, 2009

~Jon & Kate

Today I actually shed some tears watching Jon & Kate. How sad it was to actually come to the point in thwir marriage/life. I know it's been extreamly hard on this family raising mutiples, and some people I'm sure thought this was destined to happen, but still it's SAD!
Lots of people say it has so much to do with how Kate 'wore the pants in the family' but I disagree with this statement totally. Kate has done her absolute best in keeping her family together as one and also been in a high stress situation. I can't imagine having 8 young children. I have 5 yound children at home and sometimes feel like I'm the kate of the Jason and Alexa.
Anyway, my best wishes to this beautiful family in all they are in the future!

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Holly said...

I agree with you, the whole situation is so sad. Poor kids! :(