Friday, June 5, 2009

~weird stuff

Sometimes it's fun to be weird! Last night was one of those nights! Jason was pestering me beyond what you would believe, proceeded to follow me into the master bath and pester some more, I in return FIRED away with the shave cream.... This is what the result was:
IT WAS FUN!!! Now don't get me wrong I would NEVER allow my children to behave like this, but it was okay for me to act juvenile in order to get a point across to Jason...

But I must admit that I got exactly what was coming to me when I fired the shave cream at him- he retaliated by our muscling me & bulling me so that he had a turn with the shave cream. This was his result:

And after running around the house like children getting each other with the shave cream this is what we got:

And please notice that we're still smiling! Ha!


Here is OLD OLD Rusty our Dog:

Notice anything 'special' about him in this picture? Ummm, yes that is a remote control, and yes he has it in his mouth like it was a dog bone. That's because he thinks it is a dog bone! You see, I went for groceries today and thought I'd pick up a couple of treats for the dogs. Ruby (my Marley) really enjoyed the bones, in fact at one point she stole Rusty's! I let the dogs figure it out on their own. I went on about my chores (you know the ones that have to be done after a trip to the grocery store?) and as soon as I turned back to look at them there was rusty with the TV remote in his mouth! He thought it was a bone! In fact he kept it in there while Jason & I were laughing at him. It only came out when Jason grabbed it out of his mouth! Oh it was funny!

Ya, I think he is senile! He is losing it!!!!!

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Pinktulip said...

It's so good to laugh and act silly every now and then. Many couples have lost the ability to have fun together and that is so sad. Looks like you had fun! Maybe Rusty wants to change the channel?