Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My days.....

are busy busy busy!!! But it's a good busy :)Jameson and Connor have swim lesson's monday and wednesday morning! It's a lot of fun and I love that they are learning such a life long skill. Jameson is a water freak and not afraid to do anything in the water and Connor is getting braver and braver with each lesson he takes. Mason has been in swim lesson's 4 days a week with his last lesson tomorrow! Alyssa goes 2 nights a week with 2 weeks left! And then summer lesson's will be beginning.

I'm still super excited for summer to get here. I love buying the kids outside toys! The latest is this AWESOME slip and slide with a sharks mouth that opens and closes as they slide down. I can't wait for the warm weather (am I more excited or the kids to get out the slip and slide??). We still have our huge waterslide- I hope it still works this summer.

Karley is growing everyday! I can't believe it- she's holding her head up lots now. She's getting chubs on her cheeks and chin. Each day she's a new baby doind lots more stuff. She loves when we go to swim lesson's cause it is so humid in the pool area that she stays nice and toasty warm. Anyway- I should get and do some "stuff!"

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Foster said...

Hey guys,
First congrats on the new little one. A. Marina told me how to check out some pictures of yours and Kathryn's latest arrival. Sounds like you have a busy, fun, energetic family! I work in preschool and fully understand the life you must lead. All the best.
(one of Jason's cousins)