Sunday, April 6, 2008

Worth the Wait

What a relief to have Karely here already! She was perfectly baked and ready to come when she did. Jason, being totally nervous, was fabulous! He loved every moment of natural childbirth- in fact he thinks we should have another one! And I did it- no epidural! So proud (not that I didn't want one). She's here and our family is so blessed. We are tied together as one. The kids couldn't be happier. They love their little sister (connor doesn't care either way :))

Karley is the perfect baby. Already she's only waking once a night to feed and hardley cries. I have been more than blessed with this bundle of joy! I can't wait to keep updating the blog about her- but when I do that it means that she is growing and growing already- which makes me sad. If only they could stay little forever!

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