Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow-filled weekend!

We woke up this morning to a foot or more of snow- WHAT THE HECK? My tulips and Irises are up- I hope they survive to bloom this year! I couldn't believe it. Nevertheless the kids had some fun playing outside in the snow drifts- Jason and I threatened them when they went out that we were not dressing them all warm only to have them come in 10 minutes later! After a few fights, they figured it out and spent the best part of an hour out back!

We just got out picture back of Karley that we had taken at about 1.5 weeks old! I love them ! The girl used Photoshop to edit them, so now I'm determined to get photoshop and learn how to use it! I can't wait to start editing my pics! And of course now I want a new camera- but have to sell my old one first! I hope I can soon!!!

Today (sunday) was a lazy day! I was productive, but enjoyed some quiet time with Karley- can you believe she's 3 weeks? The time is flying... I want it to slow to a crawl- we all know too well how fast they grow...

Another busy week ahead! Swim lesson's like crazy- i just hope spring comes back:)

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Paper Propaganda said...

I agree with the snow aspect! who knew we would get so much snow!? Your kids are beautiful! :)